In most cases, electrical problems are not anticipated. You come home in the evening after work yearning to watch your favorite programme on TV. You are taken by surprise when you notice there is no power in your house. Sometimes, you go to work just to find out that you will have to halt business since the electrical system has a fault, and the standby generator cannot start. These are some issues that cannot wait. They need to be taken care of by a professional emergency electrician.
Are you in need of an emergency electrical service, whether in your home or business? We are just a call away!
Sometimes, you need emergency electrical services, not because there is a problem with your system, but because you want to avoid future problems that might affect your home environment or bring your business to a halt. We are the ideal emergency response team with amicable solutions the nature of your problem notwithstanding.
We know that you need a quick fix, and this is why we do not waste a second when you call. For us, it does not matter what time of the day, the day of the week, or season of the year. We have no holidays, and we take no vacations. When you call, we will never say, “sorry, it’s Christmas.” Never! We are there for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. Therefore, even if you notice a serious problem that might pose a danger to you even in the weird hours of the night, do not hesitate to contact us.

Quick response to emergency services

When you call, our customer service assistant will forward your details to our team of professional electricians. We have serviced Kellyville for years; thus we have a broad understanding of the terrain. We will, therefore, require you to provide us with your address, and our fleet shall be in your premises in no time. If you are looking for an emergency electrician who will respond faster than a fire engine, we are glad you found us!

Are you not sure whether it is an emergency?

Throughout the years, we have seen property owners who notice a problem at night and ignore it since they do not think it can cause any harm to their home or business. Unfortunately, what they considered to be an issue escalates into a crisis and causes expensive and regrettable damages. Remember, if a problem is causing discomfort to your property, then it needs an immediate response.
Are you yet not sure whether it is an emergency? When you call us, our dispatch office staff will request details about the problem from you and will provide some guidance on how the issue should be tackled.
If they deem your problem as an emergency, they will send our emergency response team, which will fix your problem in no time, and make sure they create a comfy and safe environment for you, your loved ones, staff, or clients.

Our staff is ever ready for your call

In our dispatch office, we have a team of qualified electricians waiting for your call. We have heavily invested in the human resource; thus you will never call us only to realize that all our technicians are busy elsewhere. Whatever time of the day you call for a service, someone will always be there at your service in a matter of minutes.

Why are we the best option?

We provide you with the exact service you need – nothing more or less! Our electricians are not paid on commission; thus they will never offer you a service you do not need so that they can earn more
We employ all our electricians; therefore we never outsource work.
We care about our reputation. We, therefore, want to earn your trust through quality services, so that you can recommend us to others.
We provide warranties on all our products.
We have the most competitive pricing strategy in the market
Our response time is unbeatable. We will respond to your emergency call in minutes.

Our emergency services

We provide a range of emergency services including repairs and installations for the following problems;
• Panel and circuit breaker issues
• Shorted circuits
• Wiring issues
• Power outage
• Generator problems
• Indoor and outdoor lighting
And many more electrical issues

What are you waiting for?

Do not wait an extra minute for if you have an emergency electrical concern. Call the most trusted emergency electrician, and we shall be at your door before you know it.