Although you believe in yourself as an experienced handyman who can take care of all electrical faults in your home, there are some complicated electrical issues you cannot hack. This is the main reason why we are here at your service.
We are aware that today, almost everything in your home is dependent on a working electrical system. For this reason, we want always to keep the system up and running so that you can enjoy utmost comfort in your vicinity. To efficiently achieve this, we have employed a team of seasoned and skilled electricians, which will come to your home promptly once you call.
Being a full-service company, we can handle any electrical project you have on your residential property. To us, no job is too big, or too small, we tackle every task with utmost professionalism, and guarantee you 100% satisfaction.

For almost three decades,

We have gained a solid client base, thanks to the exceptional services we have provided across Kellyville. Our reputation is unbeatable, and this is what set us ahead of our competitors.
Throughout the years, we have gained a solid reputation thanks to our provision of top quality services, and the best competitive pricing strategy that you cannot find anywhere else in the modern market.

We have the most trusted master electricians

All our electricians are committed to ensuring you get the highest quality residential electrical services. When you decide to work with us, you can stay assured that our master electricians will not leave your compound unless you give them a guarantee that you are 100% satisfied with the service they have provided.
For the many years, we have been in business, we have offered our services to new residential projects, and we have included a modern touch of old estates. Our past clients have praised our electricians for their dedication, above board service provision, professionalism, and hard work. This explains why we are the most trusted electricians in Kellyville!

We are a licensed and insured residential electrician

When you are out in the market looking for an ideal electrician for your home, you can easily find yourself in a state of confusion. This is because there are thousands of electricians out there, and they all promise you heaven. However, there is one question that will make you eliminate many from your priority list – are you licensed and insured?
For us, we don’t believe in illegitimate deals for us to succeed. This is why we have complied with the laws of the land, and we have registered with the necessary authorities. By being licensed, it means that the government of the day is satisfied that we are a qualified electrician, and can trust us in working in the homes of its citizens. You are, therefore, safe in our hands.
Working with a residential electrician who is not insured is a suicide mission. Dealing with electricity is dangerous, and even the world’s most experienced electricians have had accidents. Imagine something happened in the course of electrical service, and your entire home fell prey to a raging electrical fire, would you feel comfy spending a fortune rebuilding your house? What about replacing your damaged treasurable items?
When working with us, be assured you are in safe hands. We have all the insurances required by law, and if anything happened to you, your loved ones, property, or any of our technicians working on your project, be lest assured you would bear no costs.
We will be glad to give you copies of our licenses and insurances before you even request.

Safety is at the top of our priority list

At Kellyville Electrical, we are committed to exceeding all your expectations, whether your project is typical or unique. With an excellent customer satisfaction ranking, safety is our number one priority. We insist that all our staff have safety codes at their fingertips, and we provide routine safety training to them throughout the year. When we come to your home, we will also train you and your loved ones on the dangers of electricity, and give you some safety tips that will help you avoid future calamities.
By offering a guarantee on all projects completed, we are optimistic that our services, prices, and customer satisfaction will stay unbeaten. Therefore, leave all the electrical needs to the most trusted, qualified, and highly skilled residential electrician.

Our Services

Our services include;
• Home automation
• Generator installation
• Indoor lighting, outlets, and switches
• Outdoor lighting, switches, and outlets
• Underground wiring
• GFCI, AFCI & surge protection installation
• Wiring and rewiring
• Energy saving lighting solutions
• Wiring lamp posts
• Spa, hot tub, or pool wiring
• Smock detectors wiring
• Motion sensors installation
And much, much more…
Are you ready to talk to the best residential electrician in Kellyville? Call us now! Our team is waiting to assist you every step of the way.