If you want an electrician, who will make sure you have a working electrical system in your home or business, getting one with a level 2 qualification is the wisest decision you can make.
Kellyville Electrical is a fully licensed, insured, and accredited Level 2 electrical service provider, which offers super-quality electrical services in Kellyville. We have a team of trained, skilled, and experienced electricians who are on the line waiting for your call for all residential or commercial electrical repairs, improvement, or installations.
The NSW Department of Energy certifies us, and this is a substantial reason why you should trust us. The reason why we have been a market leader for years is that we endeavor to provide our affordable, friendly, efficient, and experienced level 2 electrical services to our ever-growing clientele populace.

Your perfect professional level 2 electrician

Whether you need underground supplies, and underground service, live work, builder’s poles, or temporary supply of electricity, look no further, we are the ideal electrician for you.
No work is too big or too small for us. We approach all tasks with utmost professionalism since we want to gain your trust. By doing this, we have maintained an unmatched reputation, which enables us to get more clients every day.
It doesn’t matter where you are based in Kellyville. We have serviced this area for 30 years; hence we have traversed the whole area. When you call, we will request for your address, and you can be sure our electricians will be at your door in no time.

Our services

We offer a wide range of level 2 electrical services in various categories including;

Power Poles

• Timber and galvanized
• Supply and installation of different poles

Street lighting

• Installations and maintenance
• Street and highways lighting
• Schoolyards, car parks, sports grounds, and commercial premises lighting
• Powerline work


• Underground supplies
• Overhead service mains
• Disconnection and reconnection services
• Sub mains and consumer servicing and installation

Tiger Tails

• Integral energy (now known as endeavor energy
• Servicing low voltage mains

Temporary Builders Service

• Permanent
• Single phase
• Three phase


• New Installations
• Upgrades
• Relocation
• Removal of asbestos panels
• Earthing
• Switchboard replacements

Other general services include;

• Power analysis
• Earthing
• Emergency call out
• Electrical pits
• Service protection devices and fuses
And many more.
We are committed to proving you with services of the highest quality, and we pride ourselves as one of the best level 2 electricians in the modern market.

New premises

If you are building a new home or business premises, we can supply you with power from either underground or overhead reticulated system.

Existing premises

Do you have an outdated electrical system in old premises, we are here to ensure your system meets the standards of the 21st century. We provide you with any power upgrades, e.g., from single phase to three phase, switchboard relocation, metering upgrades, and disconnects and reconnects. We also offer you advice on what you need to do to your existing premises.

Benefits of working with us

• We in the right solutions to all your problems
• We listen to you, and always deliver what we agree
• We translate our experience, knowledge, and expertise to suit all your level 2 electrical needs
• We believe communication is of great importance to the success of any project; hence we strive to maintain a 2-way communication strategy throughout and after the project
• With licenses, insurances, and accreditations, you can have peace of mind when working with us on your next project
• We guarantee all our work and offer you with warranties on all our products
• Ensuring safety is our number one goal
• We comply with regulations and standards set when working on your project

Get a free quote from us today!

When you come to us, we will listen to you so that we can understand the nature of your project. We will then give you a free and detailed quote, which will represent the actual cost you will pay at the end of the project. In case of your project needs something that we didn’t include in the initial price, we shall inform you about it and give you a separate quote. We do not offer ghost services, and our quotes contain no hidden charges.
Call us now, and receive top-notch services from the best level 2 electrician!